A studio beyond.


In 2018, human, societal and ecomomic factors are key in larger scale software engineering. No matter if projected from a consumer, user, citizen perspective or the peopleware involved. Sometimes starting out as informal design fiction or artistic research, the studio always finds itself in charge researching, developing and sustaining advanced distributed software systems, bimodal and open to a MVP point of view, but setup beyond fashionable service design approaches.


Studio members complementing 30+ years hands on code on a daily basis and 20+ years track records in successfully delivering software solutions with core competences in Industrial Software Engineering (SE), Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Computer Vision (CV), rooted in research (corporate and artistic, also scientific) and with strong focus on project operations, project culture and peopleware.

As a senior level, on demand consulting and engineering unit emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI), based systems (including the related concepts of ML and DL) in Tourism and Mobility, the studio is operating mostly in EMEA with current emphasis at the moment set to Data driven Destination Intelligence and Strategic Destination Foresight assisted by the execution of Qualitative Field Research, as well as training set design and creation.


Led by Martin Konzett, a principal software architect and engineer, designer, artist and lecturer, the studio as other place shall serve to recline, reflect, play, meet, learn and teach. Setup to practice formal dialectic and be artistic, have hands on things for sure helpful beyond the near future. Physically manifested as a 16th century heritage building close to Salzburg (Austria), the studio regularly pops-up somewhere between Minsk, Bordeaux and Dar es Salaam, as fully equipped and ready to be productive AI/HCI/CV lab. In both forms, the main goal of the studio is to gather, transfer and facilitate knowledge, also by holding workshops and lectures.

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